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ZIP file is required when you upload a project data for the FabStation software to function. It may contain different files, such as IFC, KISS, PDF combined into one ZIP file for convenience. 

Here you will learn more about the requirements of ZIP file and how to create it. 

The files that you insert into ZIP and upload as a project should contain all the project data for the FabStation software to function. If data is incomplete or missing, there may be an error at a certain stage of your work with the project within FabStation.

Technically, only KSS file is required per upload for the FabStation to function, but in reality, you always want to pair a KSS with a PDF or IFC or both

  • If only KSS is uploaded, without IFC and PDF, neither Augmented reality (Auto-Fab/Fab-Assit etc.) will load, nor it will be possible to check the Drawings or 3D viewer. 
  • If KSS and IFC are uploaded without PDF, it will be possible to open AR featured (i.e. Auto-Fab) and check the 3D viewer, but the Drawings (2D) viewer won’t be accessible. 
  • If KSS and PDF are uploaded without IFC, you can only check the Drawings, but not AR features. 


Here is the table that clarifies what is available with certain files uploaded:

KSS only uploaded KSS and PDF uploaded KSS and IFC uploaded KSS, IFC and PDF uploaded


3D Viewer

Augmented Reality features:





This features availability are also related to individual assemblies. For instance, if some assemblies within KSS files do not have the corresponding PDFs, it will not be possible to open them with Drawings, while 3D and AR feature will work. 

If project data is released in increments, it is important to upload each incremental update upon receipt. 

Incremental updates should only include the revised or additional files. Learn about updates.

The Project Upload ZIP file should contain the following files/folders:


  • Project KSS file; 
  • Project IFC file (IFC 2×3);
  • Project PDF files (assemblies and parts)


  • PDF Assemblies (in folder)
    • Contains individual *.pdf files for each assembly. The PDF file name should start with the assembly name (i.e. “B1000-r0.pdf”)
    • If an assembly requires more than one PDF, they should be merged into one file (i.e. “B1000-1-r0” and “B1000-2-r0” should be combined and saved as “B1000-r0”).
    • If hyphens are used in assembly names, they must be reflected and present in the PDF file name.
  • PDF Parts (in folder)
    • Contains individual PDF files for each part;
    • Should use the same naming convention as an assembly PDF.
Individual assembly IFC files are not required. The upload process has been revised to ONLY require the Project IFC. 
Refer to the specific detailing software package for details on how to create the project IFC and KSS files:
There, you will also find instructions about creating ZIP with the project files. 
To ensure you get the files in the correct formats from your Detailer, download our Detailing Specification document. 

Files uploaded to the FabStation software should be the latest revision that has been "Issued for Construction".

Once the files are uploaded, they will be processed and available for use on the shop floor. 

The assembly model files will be updated based on the last upload. The PDF files will be updated based on the latest modification date and only the latest revision will be displayed.

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