Alina Halchenko

Troubleshooting: Model is jittering

There are a few instances where the files may not upload and process correctly. The system is designed to process the project based on the information contained in the project ZIP file. If this information

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How do I update Project Files?

After a project is uploaded to FabStation, there is often a need to upload revisions. The project revision upload is similar to the original project upload, with a few minor differences.

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Where do I find the QR Target?

The QR target is an essential part of the Fab-Assist and AR-Inspect features. If you have not received a permanent magnetic metal QR target from us, please contact us and we will be happy

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Device Connectivity

The FabStation software operates in real-time and is continually connecting to the server to keep project data updated. When using a mobile device in a manufacturing environment, these updates can be affected by the wireless

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About Eterio Realities Inc.

Eterio Realities Inc. is a software development company that specializes in Augmented Reality for industry 4.0. Our flagship product, FabStation, uses break-through Mixed Reality technologies to visually place 3D assets into a worker’s normal workflow. This is done through the use of devices like the Hololens 2.