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After a project is uploaded to FabStation, there is often a need to upload revisions. The project revision upload is similar to the original project upload, with a few minor differences.


The revised project ZIP should contain only the updated files.

A KSS file with only revised assemblies listed is required.

The following files are optional:

  • Revised assembly PDF’s;
  • Revised small part PDF’s;
  • Revised Project IFC;


Example Update Package:

Updating 3 out of 20 assemblies in project:

  • KSS file with only the 3 (out of 20) assemblies listed;
  • Project IFC with changes to 3 assemblies;
  • PDFs for the 3 assemblies;
  • PDFs for any added or revised small parts.

Files uploaded will replace the existing ones in the FabStation software. If an older PDF is uploaded when a newer PDF exists in the system, the software will retain the latest PDF revision based on revision date.

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