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There are several cases where you may need to take a video of your alignment with FabStation using HoloLens. For instance, the video is needed for certification, as a method of communication or just for your personal use. 

To take the video using HoloLens, you can use Voice Commands

  1. To start recording, open FabStation on the HoloLens and say “Start recording“. You can start taking video after you are done with the 3D Viewer and went to the Auto-Fab on the tablet. 
  2. As you’re taking the video, you will see a red dot on the HoloLens screen, it indicates the recording in process. 
  3. When you need to stop the recording, say “Stop recording“.
If your steel shop floor is too loud, you can use an alternative method with the Hardware Buttons
  1. Press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously until a three-second countdown begins.
  2. To stop recording, tap both buttons simultaneously.

Quickly pressing the volume up and volume down buttons at the same time will take a photo rather than recording a video.

The recording will be saved on the HoloLens, and you can access it using the cable that you charge the HoloLens with. Plug this cable into the HoloLens and your computer. The files should be saved within one of the HoloLens folders (probably named “Pictures”).

Extract it from there and send to us.  

It’s expected that there is some slight difference between what you see at the moment of taking a video and what will be on the recording. It’s related to the hardware specifics of how it records holograms. So, if you need any precise frames, just stay looking at the same place for 2–3 seconds, and then move on. 

Example of a good video taken from HoloLens.

If you need to send us a video, you can attach it to the email to or directly to the email of a support agent who asked for the video. 

If the video is too large to be attached, you can send it via file sharing services like weTransfer

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