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Alina Halchenko

Part 1: Tablet App Overview

Before we start This guide will be used for the tablet only, no HoloLens 🕶️ needed. 0.1 You need to have an assembly assigned to you to work with that assembly. If you do not

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Align the Model

Before proceeding with calibration, make sure you placed and scanned QR target. Click here to learn more about it. 

To start calibrating:

1. With the 3D model overlayed on the material, select the menu buttons to adjust the alignment.


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How do I update Project Files?

After a project is uploaded to FabStation, there is often a need to upload revisions. The project revision upload is similar to the original project upload, with a few minor differences.

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About Eterio Realities Inc.

Eterio Realities Inc. is a software development company that specializes in Augmented Reality for industry 4.0. Our flagship product, FabStation, uses break-through Mixed Reality technologies to visually place 3D assets into a worker’s normal workflow. This is done through the use of devices like the Hololens 2.